Web Personalization

Create personalized website experiences

Interact with your online audience across every step of their customer journey with personalized interactive content from promotions and chatbots to quizzes and surveys that boost
your conversions and engagement.

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Solve many use cases in one platform


Increase sales

Increase your revenue by using targeted content for cross-selling, upselling, and promoting your products.


Generate leads

Make it easy for your leads to reach out to you and qualify them to improve the efficiency on both ends.


Provide support

Help your visitors find the information they're looking for or do the action relevant for them for excellent experience.


Collect feedback

Get more flexibility and options to capture feedback about your services, products, website, and experience.

Build personalized customer journeys


Create content that bring results


better conversion

with interactive content


better engagement

with interactive content


bigger average spend

with personalized content

Personalize content with precise targeting

Context is everything. That's why our interactive content comes with 30+ different triggers to make sure that you engage with your visitors at the right time and with the right message.

Personalise content with giosg
giosg Interaction Builder with full customisability

Unleash creativity without any coding

Our platform allows full content customization without any need for coding from content type, size, and buttons to rich media like videos, images, and GIFs — all pushing towards a selected action that supports your goals.


Measure your results and connect your data

Check how your visitors interact with your content via clear reporting that shows impressions, click rates, drop-off rates, and reached goals in a visualised view.


When you need to optimise your content, our built-in A/B testing helps you verify which of your ideas is the most effective in reaching your goals. 


Track your submissions, send leads to your email, and integrate data with your CRM.


Most popular use cases

Product Recommendation Quiz

Engaging quiz guiding users to tailored products.

Personalized shopping experience

Higher conversion rates

Increased customer satisfaction.




Service Bot

Let Service Bot, a button chatbot, handle the recurring FAQ questions, help visitors to navigate on your website, provide relevant information, and offer an easy way for your customers to contact sales and support.


⭐ Easy website navigation

⭐ Better utilized FAQs

⭐ Highlighted contact channels




Lead Generation Bot

Conversational bots collecting lead information. 

⭐ Enhanced customer engagement

Automated lead qualification

Improved user experience




Video Bot

Interactive video content guiding user journey.

⭐ Enhanced user engagement

⭐ Increased visitor retention

⭐ Authentic brand experience

👉 Learn more about Video Bots



Feedback Survey

Interactive surveys collecting customer insights.

⭐ Improved customer insights

⭐ Enhanced user engagement

⭐ Tailored improvements based on feedback




Newsletter Subscription

Capture user data for subscription sign-ups. 

⭐ Grow subscriber base

⭐ Targeted marketing

⭐ Seamless user opt-in process




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