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Connect giosg with
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We have built multiple integrations and partnered up with solution providers worldwide to make connecting giosg to your existing tech stack effortless.

Integrating giosg is not only about enhancing your way of working with us but about making your existing tools better.

Making your tools better
and work as one

Connect chat, lead and ticket data

Send your chat conversations, lead form data, and tickets to your CRM and other systems easily. Handle your multi-channel conversations easily from the giosg platform and enjoy the efficiency.

Our integrations are not IT projects

Our most simple integrations are only a few clicks away and even the most advanced ones wont cause you nightmares. No need for expensive consultants or IT projects; we can build what you need in days.

Send data in 1-way & 2-way integrations

Our integrations can do more than just sending data from giosg to your tools. On top of actions like sending leads to your CRM, we have integrations where you can use your data inside giosg for greater efficiency.

Powerful CRM integrations

Streamline your conversation and ticket management easily by connecting giosg with your CRM for greater productivity and efficiency.


You can use giosg on top of your CRM, like with Salesforce and Genesys, or send leads and tickets from giosg to your systems, like with HubSpot and Pipedrive.


Messaging app integrations

Let your agents handle all of your WhatsApp and Messenger conversations on the giosg platform. No more jumping back-and-forth from one channel to another. 


By being able to communicate via channels your customers use in their everyday lives will lower the threshold to get in touch with you. It's a win-win for your agents and your customers. 

Our most popular integrations

Our goal is to help you succeed by offering the most advanced toolkit for streamlining workflows, engaging customers and generating revenue.


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Develop integrations in giosg app

Want to develop your own integration?

We are proud of our platform and invite everyone to innovate on top of it. In addition to existing integrations, we have open APIs making further integrations easy and building on top of giosg simple. 

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