We are giosg!

Hi there, we're giosg! 👋

We want to reimagine, redefine and revalue the interaction between organizations and people in the digital world.

We have a mission

We believe that in a world of zillion SaaS services that do one thing, businesses need to do more with less. That's why we created a suite of tools designed for great efficiency with flexible technology, and support for continuous improvement. As a result, you get faster and more interactive buying processes, happier customers and a significant boost to your return on investment.


Story by Ville

In 2011, our CEO Ville Rissanen set out to create a kiosk-like environment online, where businesses could find their customer service, sales and marketing tools conveniently, in one go-to place.


On top of serving as the inspiration behind our name, it was the warmth and trust that customers built with their local kiosk keepers that we wanted to replicate online. That's why we have always combined our tech with personal service.


At giosg, we are committed to helping companies improve their business performance, increase their sales, and serve customers more efficiently online!

Our values

Aim for

We serve our clients with superior quality. We get the best kicks from exceeding both customers' and colleagues' expectations.

Put we
before me

We work together for a common purpose and are always ready to help a colleague in need in order to reach the goal together.

Think outside
the box

Share your wildest ideas! We believe that the only way to develop and gain competitive advantage is to try new things.


When we have a mission to accomplish, we take the “act like no other guy or gal is better for the job”attitude.


In a nutshell

giosg in a nutshell

Giosg helps enterprises reach their digital potential.


Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2011, we are a leading SaaS company with global operations. Our scalable and customizable B2B platform combines innovative products and services to help the world's largest brands transform their sales, marketing, support, and customer engagement.


Our suite of digital solutions are designed to help companies understand and engage with their customers in real-time, including live chat, chatbots, live video, quizzes, pop-ups, and customer feedback tools — all data secure and powered by market leading targeting capabilities with integrations to the most popular tools in the world.


Year founded




Team members


Meet giosgers

Our most important asset are our people, giosgers. We have a work environment where every giosger from 15 different countries are free to share even the craziest ideas to reach each one's personal and our customers' greatest potential. 


And we are constantly looking for more talents to create only meaningful interactions with us!


“At giosg, we are not only selling what we have. We listen to our Customers, see how our current solutions and expertise could do a difference right now, and also how we could create something even better together for the future.”

- Ville Rissanen, CEO

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